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Synod 2017



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Synod 2017 of the Anglican Diocese of the Southwest

September 20-23, San Angelo, Texas


“Go in and take possession of the land the Lord your God is giving you to possess” Joshua 1:11


Synod 2017 of the Anglican Diocese of the Southwest was held September 20-23, at Christ the King Catholic Retreat Center in San Angelo, Texas. The Synod was hosted by the Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd in San Angelo, the Rev. Stan Burdock, Rector.


A meeting of the Clergy was held before the start of Synod at 9 am, Thursday, September 21.


The Synod Plenary Session I was opened at 10 am; a quorum was established. Bishop Mark Zimmerman introduced the first speaker, Bishop Kevin Bond Allen of the Diocese of Cascadia (Oregon, Washington & Alaska). Bishop Kevin spoke on “Moving from Maintenance to Mission with the Lord in Our Midst” and shared ways he has been able to bring new leaders into his diocese.


The Opening Eucharist was held at 1 pm in the chapel at Christ the King Retreat Center with the Blessing of the Oils and Renewal of Ordination Vows. Bishop Mark Zimmerman officiated and Fr. Stan Burdock, Rector of the Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd, San Angelo, gave the sermon.

After the service Bishop Mark Zimmerman gave the Synod Keynote Address on the State of the Diocese and Future Vision. Bishop Mark spoke about inheriting the land and moving back into a culture of faith using Joshua and Moses to point out the differences between the two men and the things that led to success and failure as they moved into the promised land. The Diocese is mentoring students from the Seminary of All Nations in Juarez and is looking forward to ordaining some of them. The Diocese is also planning a church planting fund to facilitate structure and act as a foundation for church plants within the Diocese.


New congregations:

Bishop Mark welcomed St. Augustine Anglican Church, Deming, NM, The Rev. John Price, Rector, and St. Paulʼs Anglican Church, Midland, TX, the Rev. Tom Finnie, Rector, to the Diocese.


At 3:45 pm Bishop Keith Andrews, Diocese of Western Anglicans, presented a talk on “Strong Disciples, Strong Leaders, Strong Dioceses”. In a talk on missional leadership, Bishop Keith spoke to 5 points in discipleship: 1. imitation, 2. apprenticing; 3. reproduction of discipleship, 4. the reintroduction of the practice of “inviting”, and 5. Investing.


After dinner, Canon Billy Waters, Canon for Church Planting, Diocese of Rocky Mountain Anglicans, spoke on “Inheriting the Land the Lord has Given.” In a talk on the landscape of church planting, Fr. Billy discussed 5 points to begin a church plant.

1. prayer; leaders need to be raised up , leaders need to be holy, leaders need to have bolld faith. - Joshua 3:13.

2. need to have a solid launch team;

3. need to identify where the diocese stands in

regard to training and coaching.

4. Determine what is the next step, identify your strategy.

5. When you have a success, celebrate it! Always put your trust in the Gospel!


A service of Compline closed the evening meeting.



Friday, September 22, 2017

Morning Prayer was held in the chapel of Christ the King Retreat Center. The Rev. Tom Finnie, All Saints Anglican Church and St. Paulʼs Anglican Church, Midland, gave the sermon.


The Synod Plenary Session II was opened at 9 am with Synod Business and Reports. Synod 2016 Minutes were approved and the session moved on with the election of Diocesan Treasurer, Danna Edwards. The election of a Diocesan Secretary was tabled.


Chancellor Bill Lock then presented changes to the Canons to be voted on.

1. Change to Title IV Canon 7 Ministers and Ordination

“That the Bishop may with the acceptance of the Standing Committee and the

Reception and Ordination Committee make exceptions for the process of seeking Holy Orders on a case by case basis.” The change was passed.


2. Title II Canon 7 a new subsection h was added: h. “Annual Financial Report – On or before the first day of May of each year, the Rector and Wardens shall submit to the Secretary and Budget & Finance Committee of the Diocese an annual financial report reflecting the financial activities of the congregation during the previous year. The report need not be, but may be, prepared by an outside audit or an independent CPA review, but must be reviewed by at least a three-member committee from the congregation.” The addition was passed.


3. A new section 10 to Title II, Canon 6 was added

“Section 10. Incapacity of Bishop. When the requisite number of members of the Standing Committee have significant concern regarding the physical or mental capacity of the Bishop to carry out his duties, the Standing Committee shall follow the procedures established in the Provincial Canons (Title III, Canon 8, Section 7). The addition was passed.

[Committee Note: This addition conforms our Diocesan Canons to the National Canons. Rather than repeat all of the procedure, the Provincial Canons are incorporated by reference in the unlikely event of this occurrence – Page 13 of the Canons]

Two changes to words in Title II Canon 7; section 3; In Title II, Canon 7 (congregations) were passed.

A change to wording in Title II, Canon 7 section 3 (governance of congregations was not passed.


Budget and Finance:

Gus Haddad, Budget and Finance Chair, presented the Annual Budget for 2018 for approval. The 2018 budget was approved.


Gus Haddad presented a report on the Provincial Council & Provincial Assembly held in Wheaton, IL in June.


Fr. Pete Falk made a presentation on The Renew Family Retreat 2018 to be held at Sacramento Retreat and Conference Center, June 1-3, 2018. Brochures were distributed to be taken back to parishes.


A Meeting of the Deaneries was held to elect delegates to Standing Committee. 2018 Standing Committee of the Anglican Diocese of the Southwest members:


Albquerque/clergy - Rev. Thom McGee, The Rt, Rev. Harold Trott

lay - Randy Eakin, Warren Smalley


Midland/clergy - Rev. Tom Finnie, Rev. Hal Scott,

lay - Charles Zachry, Teresa Shepard


El Paso/clergy - Rev. Bob Tally, Rev. Rick Milliorn,

lay - Susan Tally, George Wayne


Mexico: Elias Rosales Mendez, Rev. Maria Del Rayo Jimenez Victoria


List of Deaneries and Deans:

Midland Dean: Fr. Tom Finnie Good Shepherd/San Angelo; All Saints/Midland;

St. Paulʼs/Midland; Grace Anglican/ Lubbock


Albuquerque Dean: Fr. Pete Falk Christ the King/Albq

Church of our Lord/Albq; Christ Church/Farmington; St. Phillipʼs/Cortez, CO; Wellspring/Rio Rancho


El Paso with Mexico Dean: Fr. Travis King St. Clementʼs/El Paso; Epiphany/Cloudcroft; St. Stephenʼs/ Roswell; Holy Trinity/Silver City; St. Augustine/ Deming



El Gran Pastor/Fresnillo

La Trinidad/ Guadalajera

Jesus la Resurrection/ Auguas Caliente


Announcements of upcoming Diocesan Events:

St. Clementʼs Menʼs Retreat/ Sacramento Retreat Center, NM, Nov. 10-12 ,


2017 Holy Spirit Revival, St. Clementʼs, El Paso, April 8-10, 2018


Renew! 2018 Diocesan Family Retreat/ Sacramento Retreat Center, NM,

June 1-3 2018


Synod 2018/ St. Clementʼs, El Paso Sept. 20-23, 2018


During Friday lunch, a presentation of plaques with the new shield and logo of the Diocese of the Southwest were presented to Bishop Allen, Bishop Ross, Bishop Andrews and Canon Waters as thank you gifts for their participation and presence at Synod 2017. Plaques were also given to Fr. Stan Burdock and his wife, Eileen and to Church of the Good Shepherd for hosting the Synod. It was announced that Fr. Stan and Eileen will be retiring in October and will be moving to Springfield, MO. Fr. Hal Scott will be the interim priest at Good Shepherd as a rector search proceeds.


At 1:30 pm Bishop Ken Ross, Diocese of Rocky Mountain Anglicans spoke on “The Lord in Our Midst Leading us to Mission”. Bishop Ken discussed the Gospel as a proclamation of what God has done for us and that it produces love for neighbor and love for the poor. It is a restoration of all things. The Gospel moves us from a sense of obligation to an invitation from Jesus. The Gospel creates a space where it is safe to fail and it celebrates risk over success.


The Synod was adjourned at 3:15 pm. Friday, September 22, 2017.


The Ordination of the Rev. Kevin Parker was held that evening at 7 pm, in conjunction with the Closing Eucharist of the Synod. The services were held at The Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd, with Bishop Mark Zimmerman officiating. A reception honoring Fr. Kevin and his family was held after the service hosted by Good Shepherd Church.


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Bishop John Mark Zimmerman

Anglican Diocese of the Southwest

Address to Synod September 21, 2017


Bishop Kevin Bond Allen

Anglican Diocese of Cascadia

‘Moving from Maintenance to Mission with the Lord in our Midst’


Bishop Keith Andrews

Diocese of Western Anglicans

‘Strong Disciples, Strong Leaders, Strong Dioceses’


Canon Billy Waters

Diocese of Rocky Mountains

‘Inheriting the Land the Lord has Given’


Bishop Ken Ross

Diocese of Rocky Mountains

‘The Lord in our Midst, Leading us to Mission’




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The Ordination of Deacon Kevin Parker to the Priesthood was held on Friday evening, September 22, 2017 at the Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd, San Angelo, TX during the closing Eucharist of the Anglican Diocese of the Southwest Synod 2017. Bishop Mark Zimmerman, Anglican Diocese of the Southwest, officiated at the Ordination; Bishop Kevin Bond Allen of the Diocese of Casacia; Bishop Keith Andrews, Diocese of Rocky Mountains Anglicans; and Canon Billy Waters for the Diocese of Rocky Mountain Anglicans were among the clergy who took part in the service and prayed over Fr. Kevin.


Fr. Kevin is presently serving as chaplain to a mental health facility in Midlothian, Texas.


Father Kevin and his wife Christen and their three daughters, Raylee, Callie and Adalynn were honored at a reception held at Good Shepherd following the ordination.

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Prov Council and Assembly Report 2017


Synod 2016 was held September 20-23 at the Sacramento Camp and Conference Center in Sacramento, New Mexico.  Special guest was The Most Rev. Dr. Foley Beach, Archbishop of the Anglican Church in North America.

Statement from the Global South Primates and GAFCON Primates Council Concerning Same-Sex Unions

October 6, 2016


1. We acknowledge that God is the Creator of the whole cosmos and of humankind. Male and female, God created them in his own image and likeness to know him, worship him and share in his glory and love.


2. We affirm the dignity and value of every human being, as each bears the image of our gracious God. We recognise that humankind’s rebellion against God has tainted that image, but not eradicated it. Yet every person is precious to God.


3. God’s message of hope is therefore addressed to every man, woman and child around the globe, that they might be redeemed, restored as image bearers of God through the life, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, and inherit eternal life.


4. As we proclaim the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to a broken and wounded world, we acknowledge our own failures and weaknesses in the light of God’s word, the Bible. As God’s love was declared to us, before we loved God, so we declare God’s love to those who neither know him nor love him. Yet our love for God is both to believe and obey, and so our message is to call people to repentance and love for God, that they might be forgiven and live their lives in accordance with God’s pattern for humankind as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.


5.  We recognise that the brokenness of our world produces many aspects of human behaviour which are contrary to God’s good design. These include slander, greed, malice, hatred, jealousy, dishonesty, selfishness, envy and murder, as well as fornication, adultery and same-sex unions. In addressing the issue of same-sex relationships, we are not minimizing the sinfulness of other forms of behaviour that are contrary to God’s character and pattern for humankind. Rather, we are addressing an issue that continues to be contentious in both the Church and society and that strikes at the very heart of biblical authority.


6. We affirm that the clear teaching of Jesus, and the Bible as a whole, is that marriage is an estate for all people, not just for believers. It is a holy institution, created by God for a man and a woman to live in a covenantal relationship of exclusive and mutual love for each other until they are parted by death. God designed marriage for the well-being of society, for sexual intimacy between a husband and a wife, and for procreation and the nurturing of children (Genesis 2:18-25).


7. We contend that sexual intercourse between two persons of the same sex is contrary to God’s design, is offensive to him and reflects a disordering of God’s purposes for complementarity in sexual relations. Like all other morally wrong behaviour, same-sex unions alienate us from God and are liable to incur God’s judgment. We hold these convictions based on the clear teaching of Scripture. We hold them not in order to demean or victimise those who experience same-sex attractions, but in order to guard the sound doctrine of our faith, which also informs our pastoral approach for helping those who struggle with same-sex impulses, attractions and temptations.


8. In this respect, the Church cannot condone same-sex unions as a form of behaviour acceptable to God. To do so would be tampering with the foundation of our faith once for all laid down by the apostles and the prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone (Ephesians 2: 20-22; 1 Corinthians 3:10-11; Jude 3).


9. Any pastoral provision by a church for a same-sex couple (such as a liturgy or a service to bless their sexual union) that obviates the need for repentance and a commitment to pursue a change of conduct enabled by the power of the Holy Spirit, would contravene the orthodox and historic teaching of the Anglican Communion on marriage and sexuality. Such pastoral provisions, while superficially attractive in giving a more humane and socially acceptable face to the church, actually hide the contravention of doctrine involved. We must be faithful in guarding the good deposit of the gospel, in all its gracious gifts with all its covenantal obligations as well, not for the mere sake of orthodoxy but out of genuine love for God and our fellow human beings.


10. Our faithfulness to God and knowledge of his love empowers us to offer sensitive and compassionate ministry to those who are sexually broken in the area of same-sex attractions and unions.  Our pastoral approach is to accept people for who they are, just as God accepted us for who we were. We oppose the vilification or demeaning of those who do not follow God’s ways.  We affirm that every person is loved by God, so we too must love as God loves. Our role is to restore them to God’s divine patterns by inviting them to receive the transforming love of Christ that gives them the power to repent and walk in newness of life. We rely on the Holy Spirit’s power to reveal to them the measureless goodness of God and the greatness of God in setting the captive free as a new creation.


11. We recognise that discipleship involves growth and while we long for all new believers to come to maturity in Christ, we know that this is a process. For those who are same-sex attracted, the path of discipleship and living in conformity with God’s Word can be difficult. We commit ourselves afresh to care pastorally for them as members of Christ’s body, building them up in the Word and in the Spirit, and encouraging them to walk by faith in the paths of repentance and obedience that lead to fullness of life (John 10: 9-10).